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Windows 10 IoT Core for BPI-M64 Release Note

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI]) is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. UEFI replaces the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) firmware interface originally present in all IBM PC-compatible personal computers

AllWinner UEFI Firmware Release Notes

This document describes how to build AllWinner UEFI Firmware and bring a AllWinner dev board up with it. The AllWinner UEFI Firmware, as the major boot system for AllWinner-Windows platform, is based on the EDK2 framework which is open-source and with some AllWinner platform software packages injected.

Features of this version:

This version can only support two boards based on AllWinner A64 platform which is Pine64 and Banana Pi M64;
Need to build and pack the firmware via a Linux shell;
At present, it can only bring up Windows 10 IoT Core.
About UEFI and EDK2 open source project, please refer to links below:

UEFI Images:

After so loooooooooong silence, I have several good news for you guys who care about Windows 10 IoT Core on BPI-M64.

We have released the latest RS2 version image, and it will be uploaded soon.

In this release, we have fixed some serious bugs such as Ethernet. (oh oh oh~~~ we can use Ethernet eventually!!! )

Here is some notes:

Some updates:

  1. Update the OS version to build v.10.0.15063.0 (Creators Update)

  2. New page style of Device Portal, visit https://deviceipaddr:8080 to check it

  3. Built-in Cortana assistant, need to be enabled in settings page in default app and Device Portal

  4. Support on-screen keyboard, need to be enabled in Device Portal

  5. Enable 100M Ethernet and fix some bugs

  6. Support built-in UART bus in A64 SoC(not built in the ffu, later provide driver binary and deployment helper)

  7. Support built-in IR module in A64 SoC(not built in the ffu, later provide source code and dev doc for developers in community)

Known Issues:

  1. Kernel debug is enabled by default. This will slow the bring-up process. If a kernel debug is not necessary for you, visit Device Portal and navigate to Processes->Run Command page, run this command to disable:

Bcdedit /store C:\EFIESP\EFI\Microsoft\boot\BCD /set {default} debug off

  1. An PnP bug in audio device may cause a blue screen when acting software shutdown

  2. Ethernet device may not start with problem code 12 at the first time to bring up

And another bomb! I uploaded core driver binaries and packaging toolchains on GitHub!

Here is the repo address:

And also some driver source code here with A64 datasheet in readme:

Welcome makers developers and anyone-elsers to post your feedback.

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