Openelec for BPI-M2+

test image download for BPI-M2+:

sha1sum: 8543c7f5100e2e4c9cd8b03d7ce762ef90df4071

newest image download link:

source code on github

build instructions:

git clone -b openelec-7.0 --depth 1 PROJECT=H3 ARCH=arm SYSTEM=bpim2p make image

What works:

  • mostly all supported codecs
  • wifi & bluetooth
  • IR can be set to basically any remote
  • emmc installation via
  • HW rendering & deinterlacing
  • automatic updates (when I prepare new build, you can update with just a click)
  • included "official" and "unofficial" repositories (built by me, so please don't report bugs to upstream OpenELEC)

What doesn't:

  • suspend & resume - crash due to a bug in ethernet driver
  • no vsync
  • CEC is work in progress

Video demo on youtube:

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