BPI-M2 Zero CSI camera interface

connect external camera module with proper signal pin mappings. The pin definitions of the CSI interface are shown as below. This is marked on the Banana Pi board as “CSI″.

CSI pin define:

please see: BPI-M2 Zero GPIO pine define, all is same as BPI-M2+

BPI-M2 Zero CSI camera accessories

note: for BPI-M2 Zero , camera is not same as BPI-M2,BPI-M1.... , it support OV5640 module, not need extend board. you just can direct use OV5640 modue on CSI interface.

OV5640 driver:

This is my modified OV5640 driver for the CMOS camera that incorporates many image resolutions and/or image quality. You can take advantage of a higher FPS, Image Quality (Preview or Capture) or Window size, choosing the one that best fit your needs.

This is expected to work with reasonable quality for AW platform (32 bit and 64 bit).

Working window sizes and expected FPS (preview mode)

  • QSXGA: 2592x1936 (7.5 FPS)
  • QXGA: 2048x1536 (7.5 FPS)
  • 1080P: 1920x1080 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • UXGA: 1600x1200 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • UXGA: 1280x960 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • 720P: 1280x720 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • XGA: 1024x768 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • SVGA: 800x600 (15 FPS, 30 FPS)
  • VGA: 640x480 (15 FPS, 30 FPS)
  • QVGA: 320x240 (30 FPS)
  • QCIF: 176x144 (30 FPS with some artifacts)


from Alex of camera developer., thank Alex do this cool work.

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