Quick Start STM32F103CB

Download and install the following software:

  • IAR EWARM (the software with the IDE compiler CC3200 is the same, if already installed, then the direct use, otherwise the installation yourself, we recommend using IAR EWARM 7.2 or later)
  • Go https://github.com/mark-legend/bpi_g1_stm32_simpleled download SimpleLed

G1 connection BPI open debugger board

BPI open debugger check whether the software and hardware are connected

BPI Open debugger connected to the PC, and check whether the drive is installed, if you can not identify, install JLinkARM,which comes with software drivers. If you can identify that, please give G1 powered.

Compile, download and debug routines SimpleLed

  1. Start IAR EWARM and open SimpleLed project, select File> Open from the menu> Workspace
  2. Browse to bpi_g1_stm32_simpleled \ SimpleLed and open SimpleLed.eww
  3. Click on the icon to download the program debug button on the device and enter debug mode. Figure
  4. Click Debug Step Out button on the column, enter the full speed
  5. If there is no problem, STM32 lower left corner of the LED will begin to flash lights

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