View Real-time Video

View in range of LAN

At present, viewing real-time video can be achieved in the LAN through VLC player or MX Player. If the two players installed on your PCs or mobile devices, it could be view via network stream. To do this:

note: Just take the case of VLC player.

  1. Install VLC player on your PCs or mobile devices.
  2. Connect any mobile devices (e.g. Smartphone, tablet or computer) to the WiFi connection “SSID= XXX_D1_A39XXX” and enter the default password “12345678”.
  3. Open VLC player and click “ ”and open network stream.
  4. Enter the AP of BPI-D1“rtsp://”, click “open” and view the real-time video.

[Reminder]: Real-time video may be delay, which related to the network transmission.

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