Relevant Information

WiFi LED at work

BPI-D1 "function key" button, click open WiFi AP mode, and then click close. “Green LED “will flash for about 8 seconds:

LED Status Description
Light WiFi work in AP mode, you can search the AP SSID.( for example, XXX_D1_A39XXX )
Flash WiFi work in slave mode, it will automatically connect the AP that set the parameters before.

WiFi ON/OFF Energy Consumption

WiFi ON/OFF to save the power consumption, the two statuses generally as follows:

  1. WiFi OFF, BPI-D1 is recording and saved to TF card, current 5V power is about 250mA.
  2. WiFi ON, BPI-D1 is recording and saved to TF card, at the same time BPI-D1 connected to the network through WiFi,current 5V power is about 350mA.
  3. It can be used to predict 500mah lithium batteries can maintain BPI-D1 work 1 to 2 hours.

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