Program the Firmware

Important Notes before You Start:

  1. You must use the compatible version of the firmware programingsoftware with source codes.
  2. The software works on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and newer versions.
  3. The software file path is located at: / in the code directory
  4. Before programming the firmware, please make sure to copy and paste the3compiled files “zImage,” “root.sqsh4,” and “root.jffs2” to the root directory. (Note: The complied files are saved at: /
  5. image download and forum:

How to Program the Firmware

  1. Battery mode, press and hold the "primary key" 5 seconds off BPI-D1 power. Before the PC inserts BPI-D1 micro - USB programming cable, double-click firm programming tools icon, runs the burn tool. Holding down the "function key" and the micro - USB programming cable connecting to the PC, the module enters the programming mode. At this time BPI-D1 LED no instructions. If there is no lithium battery, you do not need to connect the micro USB power cable.
  2. After the PC inserts BPI-D1 micro - USB programming cable, the firm programming tools will detect the launch of the application. Once connected, a yellow status bar will appear next to the device in the window, and the status will show “Ready” (please recheck and repeat the steps above if no response). Press the “Start” button on the top to start the firm programming automatically.
  3. Burning completed, micro-USB data cable disconnected with PC.

Status Descriptions

The status, progress and elapsed time will appear in the programming window.

  • [Successful]

Once the status and progress bar turn green, the progress bar reaches 100%, and the status reads “Completed, “the firmware has been programmed successfully.

  • [Unsuccessful]

When the status and progress bar turn red, the status area will display one of several error messages, indicating an unsuccessful programming attempt.

If the operation is unsuccessful, please retry after adjusting the following settings:

  1. Click Settings, select “Researcher” as the User Name, leave the Password blank, and then select “OK”.
  2. 2.Choose “General” on the left-side menu and check the two boxes “force write to the Mac address” and “force write serial number,” and then select “OK.”

  3. Repeat steps 1-3 in the “How to Program the Firmware” and try again.

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