How to connect to the AP

Connect to the specified AP

The USB-WiFi module is connected to the USB interface of OTG. Press the BPI-D1 "primary key" button, green LED will keep long bright after flashing about 8 seconds; it means BPI-D1 work in AP mode.

  1. Connect any mobile devices (e.g. Smartphone, tablet or computer) to the WiFi connection “SSID= XXX_D1_A39XXX” and enter the default password “12345678”.
  2. In Internet Explorer, enter the FTP address “”. (user name: admin, password: admin)
  3. Click "Ethernet”, select one of the available WiFi. The SSID parameter will be displayed in the above, click password blank and enter the known password, then click the "save". After flashing on the screen, four parameters in the form disappeared that the connection is successful.
  4. Click on the (39) Boot/WPS button, BPI-D1 switches to slave mode; you will see LED flashes from fast into slow, which has been connected to the specified WiFi-AP.

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