USB Wifi dongle

BPI USB wifi dongle Use 8188EUS chip inside


Micro 150M Banana Pi WiFi USB Adapter Dongle,support AP,WiFi Direct,MiraCast.

Support OS: Raspbian,Lubuntu,Android,Kali,nOS,Kano


  • this product can not be available for Tablet PC,and not available for Raspberry PI Board;

Supported OS of Banana PI:


  • -- Wireless network connecting;
  • -- Wi-Fi technology, based on IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards;
  • -- Support AP(Access Point);
  • -- USB 2.0 interface, easy to use;
  • -- Fast speed, up to 150M bps;
  • -- Support multiple operating system: Raspbian, Lubuntu, Android, Kali, nOS, Kano;
  • -- Don’t need to install driver, plug and play;
  • -- Super slim, super light, fashion design;

This document will talk about how to use wifi dongle on Raspbian and Android. It’s very simple.

How To Use On Raspbian image:

1.Open the Wifi Config program on the desktop of Raspbian.

2.Click the “Scan” button, it will list the wifi hotspot that detected.If there is no wifi ap displayed, maybe the system doesn’t support this wifi dongle.

3.Click one of the wifi hotspot listed in the scan results, then you must input the password in the “PSK” edit box if there is any.Then click the “Add” button.

4.Choose the wifi hotspot you just add in the “NetWork” list box, then click “Connect” it.

5, If there is an IP info list in the “Current Status”, it means you have succeeded.

How To Use On Android:

a) WIFI hotspot

1.Click the “Setting ” APP, then open the wifi module, if you can open it successfully, it means this Wifi dongle can be used under Android system. There will be some wifi hotspot listed on the right. Then click the one you want to connect.

2.Input the password.

b) WIFI direct

1)Click the button on the top right corner,then click the “wifi direct”.

  1. Click the “SEACHING...” button on the top right corner. It will list the other device which has opened the wifi direct. Then click the device name. After paired it will connect to each other.

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