BPI-M1/M1+/M2 camera


2,camera cable line:

3,Banana pi CSI Camera Connector

The CSI Camera Connector is a 40-pin FPC connector which can connect external camera module with proper signal pin mappings.

4,camera module spec

Product Name Bananapi Camera Module
Product Description High definition camera module for BananaPi board via the CSI connector designed specifically for interfacing tocameras.Provide high sensitivity, low crosstalk and low noise image capture in a small and lightweight design.
Image sensor Omnivision 5640 CMOS image sensor in a auto-fouces modules with integral IR filter (650±10nm)
Still resolution 5 Megapixels
Active array size 2592×1944
Max frame rate 1080P 30fps@24Mhz
Picture formats JPEG PNG YUV420 RGB888
Video formats Raw h.264
Connection to Banana Pi 40 Pin FPC to the Camera Sensor Interface(CSI-0)
Image control functions Automatic exposure control (AEC),Automatic white balance(AWB),Automatic black level calibration(ABLC),Automatic band filter,Mirror and flip
Temp range Operating: -30℃ to 70℃,Stable Image: 0℃ to 50℃
Lens size 1/4″
Dimension 36×32×10mm
I2C address 0x78
Weight 8g

5,camera module SCH:

6,How to use this module on Android:

Use Camera on Android4.2 The Android4.2 system for BPI has a Camera app, it can be used easily.

Click the Applications icon.

Choose the Camera application.

Photo Mode.

Setting Icons and Change Mode Icons.

Video Mode:

Panorama Mode:

7,OV5640 datasheet download:


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