BPI-Flash-Net html 5 module

BPI-Flash-Net Brief Introduction

  1. Wonderful combination of Flash animation and SCM micro control technology
  2. Windows + Panel Computer + Smart – Phone + SCM
  3. Development and application of cross-platform network
  4. The closest practice platform for college students
  5. No worry for thesis and job-hunting
  6. To achieve more!!!

Adobe Flash, developed by American company Adobe, is the authoring software for vector animation. The software is easy to use, which mainly makes animations, advertisements, teaching courseware, games as well as websites. If you have Flash-Net, you can build the communication bridge between Flash and SCM; that is to say, it is no longer a dream that Flash can control the SCM and SCM is provided with a pair artistic wings, which means that SCM is not merely a cool face any more. Personal computers, panel computers as well as smart phones can be the display interface for SCM. There is no need to modify and it can be operated on Windows/Linux/Android when authoring Flash on Windows, which makes it possible to accomplish the application of cross-platform network on Windows, Linux, Android.


  1. Intelligent Robot, toy and Anime video game;
  2. Intelligent home control system, building control BAS system;
  3. Architectural lighting, LED project and stage lighting control;
  4. Guest room control system;
  5. HMI man-machine interface for industrial automatic control configuration;
  6. Efficient, environmental friendly measure & control system for motor room;
  7. Network access control, lighting linkage and alarm system for security guard;

Inner Structure of Flash-Net

Flash-Net is a very powerful TCP/IP Ethernet interface module, which internally integrates the network controller of the hardware TCP/IP protocol kernel, ARM Cortex-M3 32 bit RICS core microprocessor as well as 32K FRAM Ferroelectric memory. Hardware TCP/IP protocol support: TCP, UDP, Ipv4, ARP as well as PPPOE. Internal integrated 32K memorizer is used for storing the communication data, full-duplex or half-duplex 10M/100M as well as Ethernet physical layer PHY.

On the basis of excellent hardware structure, Flash-Net embeds four software servers:

  1. IE Sever: set various parameters of Flash-Net on IE brower;
  2. Uart Server: accomplish transparent communication of TCP/IP and RS232 serial port;
  3. Modbus Server: drive 32 pieces of 74HC595/74HC165, to realize 256 switch input and 256 switch output;
  4. PLC Server: simple PLC which can explain simple ladder diagram instruction of MITSUBISHI and realize programmable control.

Functions and features of Flash-Net

All functions of Flash-Net are achieved by four micro kernel servers and 74HC165/74HC595 serial driver.

  1. IE Server: The module is embedded in the IE browser server and can set the IP address, MAC and serial communication parameters of Flash-Net module through IE Server;
  2. UART Server: Achieve data transmission between TCP/IP and UART serial port and extensive application of SCM. And it can also control those opening devices through UART serial ports so as to conduct secondary development, such as industrial PLC, frequency converter as well as SCM embedded control module;
  3. Modbus Server: It can communicate with Flash-Net through Modbus command and use 74HC165/74HC595 which is set inside the Flash-Net to control the port output and I0 state of the acquisition port;
  4. PLC Server: PLC ladder diagram interpretation server can interpret simple commands of MITSUBISHI FX1N series PLC ladder diagram, which makes Flash-Net have the function of micro PLC. If requiring PLC complex control, it can be connected to UART external industrial PLC.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Modular package, 2.54mm standard pin assembly line.
  2. DC 3.3V working voltage and the port can withstand 5V voltage, working current<200mA.
  3. Built-in IE server and direct access to IE browser, which can set the communication parameters and modify the login password.
  4. Support TCP/IP (Server), TCP/IP(Client), data transparent transmission of UDP network and UART serial port.
  5. Parameters of UART serial port can be set. Baud rate: 2400-115200 ,Data bit: 7, 8 bit,Check bit: none, odd test, even test,Stop bit: 1, 2 bit
  6. Internal integrated 74HC595, 74HC165 serial drivers, which can drive 32 pieces of 74HC595 and expand 328=256 IO output; Meanwhile, it can drive 32 pieces of S74HC165 cascade connection and expand 328=256 I0 input. 256 input/output can be accessed.
  7. Support the communication protocol of Modbus ASCII international standard.
  8. Internal integrated PLC ladder diagram interpretation server, which can interpret the common instructions of MITSUBISHI FX1N series PLC ladder diagram.

Application of Flash-Net:

Based on TCP/IP, Flash-Net specifically focuses on extensible modules for Flash application development so as to provide external interface of TCP/IP. It doesn't have seperate digital quantity I/0, but it integrates driver of perfect serial digital quantity I/0 internally, which can expand digital quantity I/0 through cascade connection 74HC165 as well as 74HC595. The driver can drive 32 pieces of 74HC165 and 32 pieces of 74HC595. Each 74HC165 has 8 channels of I/0 input port and each 74HC595 has 8 channels of I/0 output port, which achieves 256 channels of input and 256 channels of output so as to meet complex controlling demand.

Flash-Net provides UART interface and UART interface can connect with the SCM which has RS232 communication ability so as to achieve secondary development. The UART interface can also connect with the industrial PLC or frequency inverter which has RS485 communication ability through RS232-485 converter circuit. And it can achieve the perfect combination between SCM, industrial PLC, frequency inverter and Flash communication, data acquisition & control, interface display so as to accomplish the development and application of complex project.

To help users quickly get to know the application of Flash-Net, Frun laboratory design a piece of Flash-Net Demo development experiment board, including regulated power supply circuit, basic circuit, I/0 output circuit, keyboard I/0 input circuit, AVR/C51 minimum compatible system circuit, USB-232 circuit of communication interface, RS485 communication interface circuit as well as external expansion interface. The experimental development board designs 2 pieces of 74HC165 and 2 pieces of 74HC595, which are used for 16 bit keyboard input and 16 channel of I/0 output. And it sets aside the cascade interface to extend more I/0 interface. Output ports on the experimental board is displayed by LED.

Network topology structure of Flash-Net:

Flash-Net is based on TCP/IP Internet, using products which are developed by Flash-Net to choose distributed installation, Flash-Net control end 1, control end 2, control end 3 control end n. to achieve centralized management through the LAN which is built by network switch. By setting on IE browser, every Flash-Net is allocated a fixed IP address and every control end can be regarded as a server, running as a client of PC, Android panel computer and smart phone so as to access to any Flash-Net control terminal in LAN to complete data acquisition and control.

Panel computers and smart phones can achieve portable control function through wifi connecting.

System development framework of Flash-Net:

Flash-Net system development includes: Flash-Net software development and hardware development.

Flash software development includes: Adobe Flash CS6.0, Flex as well as FlashBuild for designing and editing Flash documents. Editing Flash documents will be saved as FLA while editing class file will be saved as AS. When Flash development is completed, it will be generated as SWF run file. Generally, when generated SWF file, you can choose to operate in Adobe Flash Player or run on the Web page after installing Adobe Flash Player Plugin. It can be operated when inputing SWF full address and file name or choosing EXE executable file. EXE can run on Windows while can not run on Android. According to the features of SCM micro-control, we design Frun auxiliary tool and Frun includes two independent parts: Frun Develop and Frun operating software. Frun develop can be run in windows xp, which integrates functions like development and call of Adobe Flash CS, communication testing, encryption publishing as well as download for PLC program. Frun, which is similar to Flash Play, is SWF play software; but unlike to FlashPlay, Frun can play encrypted SWF file of Frun Develop, avoiding the risk of being cracked so as to protect developers' interests. Frun can be divided into two versions, Windows and Android. Panel computers or smart phones which are installed Frun can download SWF file through wifi.

According to the selected expansion device, hardware development adopts different plans. If it is just acquisition & control of switching value, it can extend 74HC595/74HC165 circuit directly and there is no need to conduct the secondary development for hardware. If it needs switching value, analog value as well as complex control, it needs to extend SCM, using corresponding development language(C compilation) to operate secondary development. It can also extend to industrial PLC, using PLC ladder diagram to operate secondary development.

Networking of Flash-Net and Zigbee:

Zigbee, as the short-range wireless communication protocol for personal network, has been widely used in short-distance wireless sensors, networking and intelligent home control. Its biggest feature is low consumption and networking, especially for networking function with router. Using Flash in Zigbee can make it easier for PC, panel computer, smart phone to control Zigbee.

There are two ways of connection between Flash-Net and Zigbee: 1、Using Zigbee serial transmission modules; 2、Based on the Flash-Net, using Zigbee SCM (such as: CC2530 of America TI) to re-design circuit. The first one ignores Zigbee development details and has no need to know the communication protocol of Zigbee; it can use serial communication derectly, which makes it simple to develop but costs a lot. The second one can reduce the cost, but it needs to be familiar with the software and hardware development technology of Zigbee, which has certain difficulties when developing.

UART Server of Flash-Net is the foundation of extending Flash-Net. It provides transparent transmission from TCP/IP to RS232, which can be very convenient for the expansion of SCM. Zigbee module as well as CC2530 is the wireless microcontroller with UART communication interface, which connects UART interface of Flash-Net to Zigbee module or CC2530 and circuit of Zigbee SCM directly, making Flash Zigbee gateway. Flash Zigbee gateway is the bridge of TCP/IP and Zigbee(the bridge of Flash and Zigbee), but also the core of the Zigbee network and the gateway of Zigbee is set as the coordinator mode of Zigbee. Remote Zigbee can be set to the router mode or EndDevice mode according to the specific needs. So Flash can achieve communication control through Zigbee network and Zigbee(Router) or Zigbee(EndDevice).

Application of Flash-Net and industrial PLC and frequency inverter:

In the modern industrial automatic control, widely using PLC as well as frequency inverter and design industrial configuration of HMI are very important parts. With the development of Android panel computer, it replaces traditional embedded liquid crystal panel as display and touch operation panel so as to save more cost and easier to maintain. Usually Anddroid panel computers need C++ or JAVA language to develop, which is very complicated, so many people will give up. But now we have Flash-Net, and we can develop HMI for Android with Flash. Industrial configuration human-machine interface(HMI) which is designed by Flash is bot only simple and effective, but also can not be compared with traditional design tools on the display effect, and is closer to the real effect on automatic control simulation as well as dynamic effect.

Nowadays the International general PLC and frequency inverter are equipped with RS485 communication interface and is easy to connect with Flash-Net, which just adds RS232-485 conversion circuit among PLC, frequency inverter and Flash-Net. It can realize TCP/IP and RS485 duplex communication through data transmission of UART Server which is built-in Flash-Net. Flach configuration human-machine interface(HMI) running on the Android panel computer can control PLC and frequency inverter and data as well as the internal parameters of PLC and acquisition can also be displayed directly on Android panel computer. It can also use Flash anination technology to simulate the dynamic effects.

Application operating interface of Flash-Net:

  • Testing program of Flash-Net

*Timing switch control program of BPI-FLASH-NET

  • Neon lamp control program of BPI-FLASH-NET

  • stage light control program of BPI-FLASH-NET

  • Bank electronic password cabinet control program of Flash-Net

  • Intelligent home control program of Flash-Net

  • Industrial control configuration man-machine interface HMI of Flash-Net

  • Security network alarm program of Flash-Net

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